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2010 College World Series: UCLA Extends Lead With The Long Ball

UCLA came into the College World Series as a mediocre offensive team and lacking power. They turned the tables on the mediocre offensive team label by putting up 11 runs in their opener, but with just three extra base hits in their 18 hit total, they didn’t do much to change peoples’ opinion on power. Tonight’s third inning may have done it, though.

After Justin Uribe drew a one-out walk, Cody Regis got a high fastball and the left-hander sent it the other way to left center field for a two-run home run. That home run stretched the UCLA lead to 4-0 and then when Jeff Gelalich turned on one and hit it into the right center field stands for a solo home run later in the inning, the Bruins had a 5-0 lead.

The two home runs by the two Bruin freshmen have just complimented the dominating performance by their starting pitcher, Gerrit Cole. Through four innings, Cole has allowed just one hit and struck out six to keep the Horned Frogs off of the scoreboard.