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Telemundo To Broadcast First Ever NFL Game

The NFL is at the forefront of good ideas, and none could be better then the decision to broadcast the September 26th matchup of the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets games on Telemundo.  The best part is that Telemundo will be using their own announcers which means even if the game becomes stale we can all count on the fervor of the spanish language to keep the game lively.

Telemundo will capitalize on its position within NBC Universal to carry an NFL game this fall in three key Hispanic markets. The network will offer a Sept. 26 Miami-New York Jets game on stations it owns in Miami and New York, as well as Los Angeles, which has the largest Hispanic population in the country.

The game will be the national Sunday night game on NBC, but offered in Spanish on Telemundo as a special Hispanic Heritage Month broadcast.

The halftime show could turn into something like a Telenovela with over the top and fast paced language when calling ordinary highlights, water being thrown in the face of the co-anchor, or the obligatory face slap; all of which should make things interesting.

The best of all will be not when there is a touchdown -- which will be epic -- but rather when a field goal or extra point is made when the announcer will shriek 'the kick is up and it is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!'

Kudos to Roger Goodell for making this happen and at least for myself I will tune into Telemundo as soon as a team is about to score.