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Tennessee Billboards Help SEC Fans Express Their Emotions

Forget? Tennessee fans don't, and won't so long as the memory of being jilted by a coach after one year burns in their memory. Some resort to litigation in times of trouble; others simply allow the past to be the past, and insist on moving on into the future. 


The tribespeople of the SEC deal with lingering bitterness in their own way: by renting billboards to express their feelings. 




The $5,600 needed to rent the billboards for a month in LA is a steep price, but the site putting this together says they've already raised $1,300 dollars of the total needed, leaving them only a roughly a day of Kiffin's conservatively estimated salary (~$2 million) short of the total needed. Considering Kiffin's "any publicity is good publicity" policy, he'll likely be happy to chip in the rest.