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Thrashers Fans 'Disappointed' In Trade With Blackhawks

Thrashers fans at SB Nation's Bird Watchers Anonymous are disappointed with the blockbuster trade their team made with the Chicago Blackhawks today. That's the initial reaction, at least.

My initial reaction is disappointment frankly. I wanted to see the Thrashers land Patrick Sharp, not the players headed Atlanta's way. Byfuglien is a defenseman converted to forwards who has been rather inconsistent so far as a forward. He had a terrific playoffs and the Hawks sold him high. Eager is a checking line player who already makes $1 million. Sopel is an overpaid 2nd/3rd pairing defenseman with just one year left before he is a free agent. Akim Aliu is a physical checking forward who had issues in junior hockey.

So the Thrashers just added a 2nd line winger, three checkers and a bottom half defenseman and a bunch of salary for a 1st rounder, 2nd rounder, prospect taken in the 2nd round (Morin) and a solid veteran and potential team captain (Reasoner). At the moment I'm underwhelmed and hope these guys look better in a Thrashers uniform than they do on paper.

For more on the trade from the Atlanta perspective, be sure to stay with BWA.