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USA Vs. Ghana, Time To Start Looking Ahead

The jubilation over the United States’ thrilling, extra time victory over Algeria still hasn’t died down but you can be sure that the team has already begun thinking about their next opponent (or at least they will be when they wake up…).

The US will take on Ghana in the round of 16, a team that beat them 2-1 in the last game of group play in the 2006 World Cup. Prior to that result the United States had drawn with Italy 1-1, in what ended up being the only match of that Cup that the Italians did not win. Hopes were high after that tie, but the Black Stars controlled most of the game and sent the United States back home. Once again Ghana stands in the way of advancing to the next round, however this time that next round will bring take the States back to the quarterfinals for only the second time since 1930 and it would allow them to extract a little revenge as well.

Take a look at Ghana’s results from Group D, where they finished second behind Germany:

Ghana 1 – Serbia 0
Ghana 1 – Australia 1
Ghana 0 – Germany 1

Game time is set for Saturday, June 26 at 2:30 (EST). The Black Stars are a young, but very fast and physical squad that will give the USMNT fits, but if they can get into the quarterfinals, a very winnable match against either Uruguay or South Korea looms.