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Blazers Fire Kevin Pritchard An Hour Before NBA Draft, Ask Him To Stick Around For Draft

The bar has just been raised for crazy sports owner everywhere (Dan Snyder, I'm looking at you to top this). After reportedly searching for a new GM the past few weeks, Blazers owner Paul Allen has fired GM Kevin Pritchard -- an hour before the NBA Draft is set to begin, according to Jason Quick of The Oregonian.

But that's not the best part. No, if Allen were merely axing his wildly successful GM for no apparent reason on the eve of the draft, that'd be nuts, but it wouldn't quite reach the level of mind-numbing illogic we're currently at. Indeed, the Blazers are going to have Pritchard run their draft for them, before sending him packing in the morning. Seriously. If this sounds like a set for the plot of the movie Major League (only it's the GM who wants to tank and not the owner), well, that's because it is.

What's Pritchard's incentive not to draft, say, Greg Paulus in the first round? Let us know who you'd take if you were Pritchard.

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