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2010 NHL Draft 29th Pick: Anaheim Selects Emerson Etem, Medicine Hat Right Winger

The largest cheer behind the Beau Bennett came when the Anaheim Ducks selected hometown boy Emerson Etem with the 29th overall selection. Etem comes from Long Beach, CA, a stone's throw away from Anaheim, and is a good forward in the process. Etem led all rookies in goals with 37 this past season and looks like he can only improve in this case. 

Hockey Wilderness has this on Etem

Minnesota Wild fans are hungry for a goal-scorer, and they may find themselves drafting one in Emerson Etem. Etem led all WHL rookies in goal scoring with 37 goals and was named Rookie of the Year by his Medicine Hat Tigers. He's a dynamic skater with a lethal wrist shot who compliments his play with great work ethic and good hockey sense. While noticed for his awkward skating style, his speed and strength is undeniable. During the NHL Combine, Etem came prepared, tying 3rd in the V02max test, which measures aerobic fitness, and scoring high on leg and body strength tests. Etem still needs to play in the juniors before heading towards the AHL. As history has shown the Wild, rushing a prospect into the pros is not a good idea. IMO, Etem makes the perfect #9 pick as he is the complete offensive package.

If Etem was a good pick at 9, imagine the steal that Anaheim just made at 29. 

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