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World Cup 2010, United States Vs. Ghana: Benny Feilhaber In Half's First Minuted Denied By Richard Kingson

One minute into the second half, the United States appears to have found the energy that lead to a comeback in their second World Cup match, against Slovenia.  Unfortunately for the U.S. Richard Kingson has reminded them that this is no longer group lpay.

The movement started with Clint Dempsey sending Landon Donovan down the right flank, with the right winger quickly playing a ball into the penalty area for Jozy Altidore.  The striker laid off a ball for the oncoming Feilhaber, but a strong read of the play from Kingson had the Ghanian `keeper off his line, ready to meet the shot seven yards out.

Feilhaber's attempt was being saved, keeping the score 1-0 in at the 46 minute mark.

The Black Stars maintain that lead in the 53rd minute.