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2010 World Cup, United States Vs. Ghana: End Of Regulation Time Sees Teams Draw 1-1, Set To Play Extra 30 Minutes

Just as Ghana controlled the first half, the United States looked the better side in the second half, with the halftime insertion of Benny Feilhaber invigorating the team.

The U.S. midfielder was on the end of a chance in the 46th minute and created the penalty kick that eventually equalized for the United States.

That goal came in the 62nd minute, Landon Donovan putting his kick off the right post and into the goal after  Clint Dempsey was brought down by Jonathan Mensah.

The United States has held 49 percent of  the possession and created six shots on goal.  Ghana has created five shots on goal.

The match now goes to extra-time:  30 minutes divided into two, 15-minute halves, to be played whether a team scores.

If the match remains tied after extra time, the game will be settled by a penalty kick shootout.