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NFL Draft Mid-American Conference prospect preview

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It's another weak year for prospects in the Mid-American Conference. The conference didn't have any players taken in this year's draft until the third round. Unless some players really break through, that will also be the case in 2011. Here's a look at the conference's best. Juniors have an asterisk after their name.

LaVon Brazill | 5'11, 189 pounds | WR | Ohio
There were times in 2009 that Brazill looked like a better pro prospect than eventual third-round pick Taylor Price. He has only average size, but Brazill runs crisp routes and has good speed. He's also a very good return man.

Brian Lainhart | 6'1, 206 pounds | FS | Kent State
Big plays always seem to happen when Lainhart is around. He has 15 career interceptions, with seven coming in 2009. He also forced four fumbles last season and has great hands. He's not a one-dimensional coverage safety, though. He's good coming up to the line and supporting against the run. Referred to as a coach on the field and the team's defensive leader.

Jaiquawn Jarrett | 6'0, 197 pounds | FS | Temple
Jarrett is a good coverage safety who likes to sit back and break on the ball when it's in the air. He has the foot quickness to cover one-on-one and solid hands to make a play on the ball. He's not especially physical, though.

Vaughn Charlton | 6'5, 238 pounds | TE | Temple
This is a surprise entry. Charlton is moving from quarterback to tight end this season. From every indication, his hands looked very good in spring practice. There's not a lot to say about him now, but Charlton could be someone to keep in your periphery.

Adrian Robinson | 6'2, 245 pounds | DE/OLB | Temple *
Robinson is extremely quick off the line and shows good snap anticipation. Obviously he'll have to move to outside linebacker in the NFL, but he shows a lot of potential as a pass rusher. He was named the conference's top defensive player in 2009 after registering 13 sacks.

Notable seniors to watch:

MiQuale Lewis | 5'6, 201 pounds | RB | Ball State
Chad Spann | 5'9, 198 pounds | RB | Northern Illinois
Jeremy LaFrance | 6'0, 195 pounds | WR | Akron
Terrence McCrae | 6'4, 203 pounds | WR | Ohio
Darius Morris | 6'4, 312 pounds | OT | Temple
Amara Kamara | 6'1, 235 pounds | OLB | Temple
Davonte Shannon | 6'0, 196 pounds | SS | Buffalo