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NFL Player Calls Recent Research On Chris Henry's Brain 'Sobering'

Researchers recently found that the late Bengals WR Chris Henry was suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy. This progressive brain disease has been found in more and more NFL players bringing into question the safety of the game.

Current player and co-chair of the player union's brain-injury committee, Sean Morey, called the news "sobering."

"It’s very emotional to hear — it rattles me," said Sean Morey, a special-teams specialist now with the Seattle Seahawks, who serves as co-chair of the union’s brain-injury committee. "The fact that this has been found that guys played against last year, an active player, I think it’s sobering. You have to ask yourself how many are playing the game today that have this and don’t even know about it."

NFL players are obviously concerned about this because Henry wasn't linked to a lot (if any) concussions. He wasn't known as a big hitter and, as a receiver, had minimal contact relative to other positions.

Both the NFL and NFLPA have declined comment.