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Raptors General Manager: Chris Bosh 'Likely' To Leave Toronto

At this point, it's pretty much common knowledge that Chris Bosh won't be returning to Toronto, but in case there was any doubt, Raptors general manager Bryan Colangelo all but confirmed it in a radio interview on Toronto's 590 the Fan yesterday. 

SB Nation's Raptors blog Raptors HQ picked out the money line:

It's likely that he will leave

A source close to Bosh told Bruce Arthur of the National Post that while Bosh hasn't decided where he'll go instead, he's tired of carrying mediocre Raptors teams.

A source close to Bosh on Monday was asked if Bosh had made a final decision on where to play next year, and the source said, "He hasn't." The source, however, conceded that Bosh is tired of being the centrepiece of a team that has yet to escape the first round of the playoffs during his career.

"It's like if you went to work every day and you worked hard, and you never got a promotion," the source said. "You want a chance to get ahead."