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Bloggers React To Armando Galaragga's "Perfect" Game

To say Al over at Detroit blog Bless You Boys is miffed about Armando Galaragga’s lost opportunity at a perfect game would be an understatement. He understands that Jim Joyce is repentant but that’s still not enough.

Galarraga will still go down in history. His getting screwed out of an “official” perfect game will hopefully be the impetus for instant replay throughout baseball…despite the technology being available for YEARS. I’m sure the NFL, NBA, NHL and NCAA could give Bud and the gang a few tips on implementing replay.

We can only hope.

After the game, everyone, from Galarraga,to Joyce, are saying the right things. Everyone is apologetic and trying to keep a stiff upper lip.

The Tigers can forgive Joyce. Personally, I want my pound of flesh.

The Indians were on the losing side of this contest. Cleveland blog Let's Go Tribe! says the game will be remembered for a long time but not for the right reasons.

Even though the blown call saved the Indians from having a perfect game thrown against them, it still doesn't feel good. If Jason Donald's ball had hit a pebble and bounced over Cabrera's head, that would have been a lucky bounce. This doesn't feel lucky, it feels guilty. This game will go down in history, but unfortunately not in the type of history that shows baseball in a good light. This call will reawaken the cries for NFL-style instant replay, but, in my mind, if any good should come of this game, it will provide an impetus for a new evaluation process for umpires.

The folks over at Front Office Fans don’t have the emotional vested-interest that BOB has, but they’re equally disturbed the events of the night. This is MLB’s great opportunity to make the right decision and institute sweeping instant replay changes, says FOF.

Bud Selig and Major League Baseball need to take this chance to expand instant replay in baseball. Any call should be up for review. Worried about taking up time? Just use the NFL’s system of limiting appeals.

We’ve seen botched calls greatly effect playoff game outcomes, and now we’ve seen them take away one of the finest accomplishments a pitcher can ever achieve. I don’t want to see it again.