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VIDEO: Jim Joyce's Emotional Reaction After Armando Galarraga Presents Lineup Card

One of the (many) unique things about baseball is that there is often little time to dwell on the previous day's events, be they positive or negative. Whether a player hit a game-winning home run or booted a routine ground ball, more often than not, he has to put on his uniform and do it all again the next day, for a whole new ballgame. The same idea of a clean slate, 162 days a year, applies to pitchers who came within one out of a perfect game, and the umpire who blew a call that prevented that perfect game from occurring.

And such was the case on Thursday in Detroit. Roughly just 17 hours after the new infamous call at first base, umpire Jim Joyce was back on the field at Comerica Park (he's working behind the plate in today's game), receiving the lineup card from Armando Galarraga (a task normally reserved for the team's manager).

The pain and anguish that Joyce, and man who has been umpiring professionally since 1978, is dealing with becomes apparent very quickly:

(Thanks to Chris Littmann at The Sporting Blog for the video)