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New York City Creates 'C'mon LeBron' Page On Official City Website

Lest you somehow thought Sacramento's tongue-in-cheek "LeBron Song" would be the last goofy pleading done to court LeBron James, mayor Michael Bloomberg and the folks behind the official New York City website have cobbled together a page dedicated to the efforts to bring King James to the Big Apple.

Titled C'MON LEBRON, the page includes Bloomberg in a YouTube video beseeching the star to throw off the shackles of a mid-sized metropolis and come play for the biggest market in the country. It being New York, the video is also full of grandiose language and mentions about how LeBron will be able to exhibit his skills on the biggest stage in the world.

"Don't just make New York City history. Make world history."

Because world history is at once distinguishable from New York history but can still only be made in New York. Gotcha.

Visitors to the site can show their support of New York's official begging by adding commentary on Facebook, Twitter or through downloading the C'mon LeBron toolkit, which includes an official logo for emblazoning onto shirts and the like. So, in the off chance you happen upon LeBron James on the street, he will know you mean business about where he accepts his max contract.