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Vincent Jackson Working Out With Donovan McNabb In Phoenix

The Redskins are one of several teams said to be interested in acquiring Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson. So, the fact that Vincent Jackson is making a first-time appearance at the Arizona location where new Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb makes a habit of conducting offseason workouts is bound to spur a little more speculation about the Redskins being the likely trading partner with San Diego for Jackson's services.

The report comes from NFL Network's Steve Wyche, who cautions against reading way too far into the matter. After all, players of different teams work out together all the time. That Jackson is away from Chargers pre-camp workouts is part of his effort to work a long-term deal out of the club. It just so happens he may have ended up training with a future teammates in the meantime.

That Mike Shanahan also happens to be a fan of Jackson and nearly drafted the receiver when Shanahan was head coach in Denver in 2005 make Washington seem increasingly more likely. But at this point, it's far from a certainty.