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Devils Blog: Will Paul Martin Be A Devil Tomorrow?

Our Devils blog, In Lou We Trust, asks if Paul Martin will be a New Jersey Devil tomorrow. They analyze an article from beat writer Tom Gulitti to try to find an answer.

One of the troubling things about both articles is that I can't recall the last time a free agent was this forthcoming with information and ended up being signed or re-signed by the Devils.

Plus, they haven't talked numbers yet and he is the Devils #1 priority? I understand making sure that the player wants to stay with the team, but you would think some numbers would have been discussed. Also, at this point if Martin cannot answer the 'Do you want to be a Devil?' question I think his non-answer might speak volumes.

OK, maybe I have too much time on my hands or I am trying to find something in his words that aren't there but does this sound like a player who is going to re-sign? I think it's clear that a hometown discount might be out of the equation and the Devils will be forced to match a salary offer in the $5MM-$6MM range. It is possible that realizing he may have to match a free market offer Lou Lamoriello reacted to that early moved some cap room today to ensure he could offer Martin enough to match any offer out there.

It's been a whirlwind day of emotions for Devils news with David Clarkson re-signing and the buyout's of Jay Pandolfo and Andrew Peters, but tomorrow should be just as exciting. I just hope it's not disappointing. Only about 18 hours to the free agency frenzy folks. Get ready.

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