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Jeremiah Masoli Exploring Transfer Options, Leaning South

Reports place him anywhere from the WAC to the SEC, but all indicators agree: Jeremiah Masoli, a Duck no more, is headed for warmer climes:

The former Oregon Ducks quarterback has visited the campus of Louisiana Tech and is planning on making a visit to Mississippi State, this according to a TV report by KNOE-TV in Monroe, Louisiana.

The Oregonian confirmed his visit to the Ruston campus but reported that the San Francisco native has not visited Dan Mullen and the Bulldogs and doesn’t have any plans to.

Either of these developments coming to fruition would be marvelous for all involved, as both the Southeastern Conference and the state of Louisiana have a history of harboring colorful series of felonious footballers. For maximum verisimilitude, however, not to mention immediate playing time, Masoli will want to follow in Police Blotter All-Star Ryan Perrilloux's illustrious cleatsteps and sign with Jacksonville State. Welcome to your own personal sun belt of freedom, kid. You'll be running your own riverboat-based counterfeiting ring in no time at all, and no one will care long as you win on Saturdays.

[UPDATE]:  Via The Oregonian, it appears Masoli is indeed considering Louisiana Tech, but not Mississippi State. Desolee, SEC.