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The Firecracker 400 Rant

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Coke Zero 400 Logo via <a href="" target="new"></a>
Coke Zero 400 Logo via

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope that everyone has a safe and super fun holiday. How nice that NASCAR now holds the Firecracker 400 on the Saturday closest to the 4th, rather than on the 4th, so we can all have our hotdogs and fireworks!

What's that you say? Yes. I know it hasn't been the Firecracker 400 since 1989. And yes! I know that I wasn't even watching NASCAR in 1989. But really, is there any less sort of 4th of July, Happy Birthday America than the Coke Zero 400? It even says Zero. How un-enthusiastic sounding! How dull!

I say blah. We should really get to keep our named races. Can you imagine if suddenly the Daytona 500 was the Starbucks 500? Showtime snuck their name in to the Southern 500 this season, though the honest truth is that I am so happy to have a Southern 500 again, that I'll let it slide. Our special races, our holidays in the long season should get to have some acknowledgment and celebration.

This is our race for the 4th of July!  Even Goodyear is bringing tires that support the men and women serving our armed forces! This race should be a big, smashing, fireworks and sparklers celebration of America. One would think that the Coke Zero 400 powered by Coca-Cola has at least one space, in that whole mouthful, to acknowledge that it is the 4th.  How about the Firecracker 400 powered by Coca-Cola? I think so!

This wasn't too much about history today kids. I think that I fell into the Ranting side a bit.