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Chicagoland Speedway Offers To Rename Itself 'LeBron James Speedway'

In a blatant publicity grab that has clearly worked (seeing as how we and other media outlets are giving it coverage), Chicagoland Speedway is offering to temporarily rename itself "LeBron James Speedway" if King James himself shows up for the July 10 NASCAR race at the track.

Chicagoland president Craig Rust wrote a letter to James offering to rename the track – complete with signage and a logo painted on the infield grass – if James attends the race as a special guest.

The highly sought-after free agent would also get the chance to speak at the pre-race drivers meeting, as well as address "the great sports fans of Chicago" prior to the race, the letter said (hint, hint).

We highly doubt James will show. But in case he does, Rust also has pledged that proceeds from the limited edition merchandise with the "LeBron James Speedway" logo printed on it would go to a charity of the Chosen One's choice.

Kind of silly, but not nearly as stupid as the whole April Fools "joke."