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Nike Says LeBron James' Free Agency Shoe Tour Isn't Happening

UPDATE: Nike is reportedly not actually planning to do this, according to Darren Rovell.

Nike: We will NOT be making LeBron shoe for ANY free agent market visit    

It remains unclear whether Sam Amick's source was wrong or whether Nike scrapped the project.


You almost made me sympathize with you, LeBron. After the whole fallout from your playoff loss, during which people like Adrian Wojnarowski took their turns bashing you over the head with ad homenum attacks, I was very close to (gasp) actually feeling sorry for you. For a Wizards fan, that's a huge step.

But then, you had to go out and plan something like this to "celebrate" your free agency. If Fanhouse's Sam Amick's report is true, then I will never ever have any sympathy for any negative attention you get. Is that too harsh? Not after reading what you're planning on doing. 

James, according to the source, is in discussions with Nike to create a new shoe for every visit along his free agent path starting July 1. The shoes would have the date of the visit printed, with James already having scripted his itinerary for the Free Agency Tour 2010. 

The source insists that he'll head for New York first to visit with the Knicks, and then spend time with the Nets. Chicago will be next, with the Bulls hoping he wants to follow in the footsteps of Michael Jordan and become the Windy City's beloved star. Depending on the level of sustained public interest and the discussions with the teams in the respective cities, James will decide at that point whether to continue on to Miami and possibly Los Angeles to see the Clippers.     

That final stop would be Hollywood style in every way, with James simply putting on a show intended to create buzz in yet another big city and maintain the mystery of where he will go. And for what it's worth, the source expects James to return to the Cavaliers by the time the circus comes to an end.    

Seriously, dude? Sometimes, I wonder who is advising you. Sure, this whole free agent tour will bring in money and help Nike out a lot. That's nice. But considering the way you've been criticized over the past month for caring more about attention than winning, this doesn't seem like the smartest PR move in the world, to say the least.

(Also, why no DC? Miss Cleo said you'd sign here, and she's always right!).