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Big News: SB Nation Regional Sites Launching Today

Last September, we launched the site you are on right now. was something new for us. The core of our company is more than 250 sites, each the leading fan media voice for their team, league or sport. However, we thought the time had come to apply our grassroots, pro-quality, fan perspective approach to national sports conversations, too.


The StoryStream, which dynamically brings news to life in real time, is an innovation that, along with our commentary and longer features by some very talented writers, seems to be resonating with a lot of sports folk.


Well, given the popularity of what we are doing here (I mean, we got you to visit, right?), we’re taking the show on the road … to 20 regions, to be exact. You can read all about it here, here and here. We hope you’ll explore the sites, the first six of which launched Sunday night, with the other 14 to follow throughout the rest of the month.


Let us know what you think and join the conversation. Tell some friends if you like what you see, and thanks for coming.