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Introducing SB Nation DC, Where Alex Ovechkin Rules All

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As you may have heard by now, SB nation launched six regional sites Sunday night. (If you hadn't heard: We launched six regional sites Sunday night!) One of those is DC, the region your humble SENIOR editor is originally from, so it is with special excitement that I introduce SB Nation DC, which will be in the very capable hands of Mike Prada, the founder of our Wizards blog, Bullets Forever.

There are other great contributors there, too, many of whom you'll know if you read about D.C. sports on the Internet (although you may not recognize their real names. Did you know Chimpanzee Rage isn't the dude from Deuce of Davenport's real name? It's BJ Pierson. Weird, right?)

As part of these launches, each region was asked to come up with a feature about the top five most popular athletes in their respective region, currently. Top Five will be a regular feature on the regional sites, but a popularity contest seemed like a good place to start. The D.C. list, written by Hogs Haven's Ken Meringolo, shakes out thusly:

  1. Alex Ovechkin
  2. Gilbert Arenas
  3. Chris Cooley
  4. Stephen Strasburg
  5. Clinton Portis
My thoughts: Meringolo has Arenas ranked too high. At best, I think Gil deserves the fifth spot, although replacing him entirely with Donovan McNabb would be my choice. The Redskins rule D.C. sports, and McNabb represents eternal optimism amongst many fans right now. (Optimism which will surely be crushed in typical Redskins fashion sometime around late October.)

Aside from that slight alteration, the other four names on the list all belong. Although Strasburg could fall off quickly if he doesn't live up to the incredible, soul-crushing hype surrounding him. (Think: Matt Wieters.)

So, your turn: Names from Meringolo's list are in the poll below. Vote for who you think is the second most popular athlete in D.C. -- we all know Ovechkin is No. 1 and NO ONE DENIES THIS. If you'd like to write in a candidate that isn't on the list, choose "none of the above" and share your nominee in the comments. And yes, this is totally stolen from a post Dan Steinberg did recently. But his audience is all Capitals fans, so maybe our poll will have a different result.