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Lack Of Attendance At Patriots Offseason Program Could Be Used Against Tom Brady

In Michael Silver's Yahoo! Sports article regarding the possibility of a future rift between Tom Brady and the Patriots included a nugget about Brady's offseason habits. Previously, Brady was at every offseason practice session and even earned a parking spot for having such great attendance.

These days, Brady is splitting his time between California and Massachusetts due to the presence of his children in Los Angeles.

Bill Belichick hasn't publicly commented on the situation but Peter King takes a look back at history to determine how he might feel.

Let me give you a little history lesson here. Bill Belichick was on the Giants' coaching staff in the mid-'80s when Bill Parcells started making the off-season program sort of a voluntary, mandatory thing. Parcells would tell the players, You don't have to come to the program. But this is where the job is, and if other guys come to the program and outwork you in the offseason, the job might not be there for you when you get to training camp.

King says he wouldn't be surprised if Brady's lack of attendance at the offseason program -- even though it's with good reason -- creates a "bit of a wedge" between the two sides as contract negotiations commence.

Professional sports is one of the few jobs where spending time with your family is actually a negative.