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Some Quick Reflections On Stephen Strasburg's Debut

  • I wonder how many people truly appreciate Strasburg's pitch economy. He struck out 14 batters and still got through seven on 94 pitches. Rich Harden throws 94 pitches per inning. This start was extraordinary, but it might only grow more extraordinary as some time passes and we start to look at it from a more objective, rather than emotional perspective. Emotionally, it was awesome, but objectively, this was truly one of the finest starts I've ever had the pleasure of watching, and I watch a lot of starts. Thank you, Strasburg. You are a treat.
  • Strasburg didn't get to depart to a mid-inning standing ovation, but he did come out for a curtain call in the bottom of the seventh. Everybody should send him a card. Everybody in attendance or watching on TV should send him a card. It takes a lot to make baseball electrifying, and Strasburg thrilled everyone for two straight hours. Even Pirates fans, who saw their team at least come out with some runs. All the build up, all the anticipation - there's nothing anybody could've written or said that would've prepared us for a start this amazing.
  • I wonder how long it'll be before people start taking Strasburg for granted. That's the trouble with setting a bar this high. 
  • Bob Costas:

    "It is difficult to restrain yourself. Unleash all the superlatives. They all seem to apply."
  • Ed Price:

    Most K in debut, since 1920: J.R. Richard 15, Karl Spooner 15, Stephen Strasburg 14.
  • Rany Jazayerli:

    According to, no P has ever struck out 14+ batters on so few pitches. Javier Vazquez threw 96 pitches on 4/9/03.
  • MLB Network had Andrew McCutchen wearing a mic today so they could hear his in-game remarks about Strasburg. They just played some clips. I imagine those clips were heavily edited.