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Introducing SB Nation Arizona, Where Steve Nash Rules The Desert

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As you may have heard, SB Nation launched its first six regional sites last Sunday, with fourteen more on the way in the coming weeks. Around these parts, it's kind of a big deal. We've already covered D.C., Boston, New York and Chicago, leaving me the pleasure of formally introducing SB Nation Arizona, led by our superb Suns blogger Seth Pollack, of Bright Side of the Sun fame.

Arizona may not be exactly one of the usual suspects when it comes to media markets, but that's the great thing about our regional sites (and our team blogs for that matter): they're a place for like-minded fans to gather 'round, regardless of their team/city's Q score.

As part of its launch SB Nation Arizona put together its own list of the top five most popular athletes in the desert. Claiming the top spot? Everyone's favorite Canadian celebrity, Steve Nash. Cardinals all-everything receiver Larry Fitzgerald unsurprisingly checked in second...and then things got interesting. Amar'e Stoudemire, Mark Reynolds, Diana Taurasi and Shane Doan rounded out the top five six of a crowded list (Reynolds made it as the token D-Back under the logic that chicks dig the longball).

Now it's your turn to tell us how you would rank the stars of the Arizona firmament. Do Steve Nash's plaudits as "Two-Time" trump Fitzgerald coming within a preternatural Santonio Holmes catch of carrying the Cards to a Super Bowl title? Weigh in!