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Patriots Should Complete Tom Brady's Contract Before The Colts Extend Peyton Manning

Colts personnel guru Bill Polian recently said the Colts wouldn't be paying attention to the negotiations between Tom Brady and the Patriots when he gets to the table to do Peyton Manning's next contract.

Ross Tucker of feels that the Patriots shouldn't allow the Colts to sign Manning before they sign Brady. Instead, he writes, they should work to get a deal done that's based off of recent quarterback extensions that average in the neighborhood of $15 million per year.

If I am the Patriots, I would be doing my darndest to get Brady signed to a deal before Manning inks his mega-package. Why allow Brady's representation to work off Manning's contract? Wouldn't they rather make Brady the highest paid player in league history right now by working off the pact Eli Manning recently signed with the New York Giants?

Tucker makes a good point in that the Pats can't afford to upset Brady and they certainly can't afford to move on without him. He goes on to suggest that this is the latest sign that Bill Belichick may need some help. With Scott Pioli now in Kansas City, there is no top executive with the clout that he had to be a sounding board for Belichick.

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