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NBA Free Agency: Rockets Make A Pitch To Chris Bosh

There are a lot of teams in the Chris Bosh sweepstakes, but one team that you should keep an eye on is the Houston Rockets. While they do not possess the cap space to sign Bosh outright, they have plenty of sign-and-trade assets, including first-round picks from the Knicks in 2011 and 2012 (note: the 2011 first-round pick is merely the right to swap picks) that they can use to bring Bosh to town.

Therefore, they're making a hard push to one-up the Miami Heat and others to land the Toronto star. Rockets general manager Daryl Morey met with Bosh in Dallas late last night to try to sell him on their team.

Via ESPN's Chad Ford:

The Rockets have been targeting Bosh for months. Their pitch to Bosh is pretty straightforward. They believe he is a perfect fit with the existing talent they have on their roster and they can offer Bosh a return home to Texas. 

The Rockets will also stress that if Bosh joins the Rockets, they're likely a 60-win team. If he forms a triumvirate with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in Miami, the Rockets believe the team won't have enough supporting talent to support a championship team. The Rockets believe such a pairing would produce a 45-win team.     

It's a dubious premise, but it's worth a shot. And hey, Bosh actually met with them, so he has to be a little intrigued. As Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle reports, that in and of itself is a big step.

For much of the day, he was not sure he would get an audience with Chris Bosh.

Now he can't be sure if it will be enough.

He met with Bosh late Wednesday into early Thursday in Dallas and got to make his case about why he believes Bosh can win championships in Houston.

He did not know if the meeting would happen until well into the evening. He did not even know where Bosh was until then. Once they were together, however, he found Bosh to be interested and ready with questions that indicated he would definitely consider the option.

So yeah, don't count the Rockets out. They even had Yao Ming do some recruiting on Twitter, so clearly, they're showing Bosh how much they want him. I still think he ends up in Miami, but you have to admit that Houston has surprised us before. 

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