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NBA Free Agency: Carlos Boozer Could Head To Orlando In Sign-And-Trade

All of the usual suspects have been connected with Jazz unrestricted free agent Carlos Boozer -- the Heat, Nets, Bulls, and Knicks. For all of the aforementioned teams, Boozer is more or less a Plan C in case they miss out on Chris Bosh and Amar'e Stoudemire. And, of course, the Jazz remain in conversations with Boozer, although it's considered quite a longshot for the former Dookie to stay with the team.

But, according to the Deseret News, another option has emerged for Boozer: a sign-and-trade to the Magic. The rationale for Orlando would be that Boozer is the type of post scorer who would complement Dwight Howard's rebounding and shot-blocking to provide them with a more balanced offense -- not to mention Boozer's close relationship with Howard. As for what the Magic would have to give up to acquire Boozer, the Magic's official team website floated a package including Marcin Gortat as well as J.J. Redick and/or Mickael Pietrus as a potential deal. Indeed, Gortat may be expendable after the Magic selected Kentucky freshman center Daniel Orton at the end of the first round of last week's NBA Draft, and such a deal would certainly be enticing for a Jazz team likely to lose sharpshooter Kyle Korver, provided Utah could afford to take on that amount of salary.

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