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Clippers To Their Fans: 'So We're Saying There's A Chance We Get LeBron'

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Poor Clippers. They're like the dorky kid in high school who is just happy the hot cheerleader even knows their name. They stubbornly believe they have a chance to land LeBron James this summer, even though they're the Clippers and they're competing against teams that are not the Clippers.

So in a way, you have to feel sorry for them. You wouldn't tell a dorky kid to stop trying to talk to the head cheerleader because you feel bad for the dorky kid. He didn't do anything wrong; he's just a dorky kid. Likewise, the Clippers aren't doing anything wrong in trying to get LeBron James. They're just the Clippers, and who are we to tell them they can't pursue their dream, even if there's no chance it gets fulfilled?

That said, you have to laugh at this, via Howard Beck of the New York Times.

Clippers send out statement, saying they are "honored to be one of the select organizations to have been invited to meet with LeBron James."    

Hey, season ticket holders, we have a chance! See! Don't forget about us! We exist! PAY ATTENTION TO US, PLEASE! 

Here's a piece of advice, Clippers: if you're trying to shed your inferiority complex and be seen as a legitimate organization, you don't send out press releases just because you have a chance at LeBron James. Nobody else is doing that, you know, so why should you?