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Fast And Furious: Gonchar Signs In Ottawa, Coburn Signs In Philly, Tanguay In Calgary

- The biggest move of the day: Sergei Gonchar has quickly signed in Ottawa, completing a three-year deal with the Senators worth $5.5 million per season. He also has a no trade clause. He gets the third year of a contract that the Penguins wouldn't give him. How Ottawa and Gonchar come to an agreement with $16.5 million on the line in about 20 minutes is beyond me. Check Silver Seven for more reaction.

- Braydon Coburn has re-signed in Philadelphia, a two-year deal worth $6.4 million according to several sources. The Flyers blue line is suddenly the most expensive in the NHL. Check Broad Street Hockey for more.

- Alex Tanguay has reportedly signed in Calgary, according to RDS. It's a one-year deal.