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FIFA "Looking Into" Government Interference In Nigeria, Possible Expulsion

With its president requesting a two year withdrawal from international competition in response to a poor showing at the World Cup, Nigeria has exposed itself to poasible expulsion from FIFA, a representative of soccer's governing body confirmed today.

On Wednesday, Nigeria's president Goodluck Johnathan requested a two year withdrawal from international competition for the Super Eagles, the expressed purpose being "to put its house in order," but with FIFA frowning on any governmental interference in soccer matters, the Nigerians have risked being expelled from FIFA, a punishment which has been used in the past.

Today, a FIFA communications director confirmed that President Goodluck's request is being assessed, lumping it in with the continued observation of the French government's concerns regarding their national team's performance:

"We are looking at both cases," Fifa's communications director Nicolas Maingot said.

"In terms of Nigeria we have received official information from their government.

"The worst sanction available is that a national association can be expelled but this is not related to either of the two cases."

Nigeria finished last in Group B with one point but was one goal away from going through to the knockout round. If they had scored in the final minutes against South Korea, they would have won a tiebreaker between themselves, South Korea and Greece for second place in the group behind Argentina.