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Tony La Russa Backs Arizona Immigration Law

Tony La Russa has always been a bit of a baseball maverick e.g. that whole "batting the pitcher eighth" thing, which goes against conventional wisdom, even if it actually makes sense when analyzed. Seems his "maverickiness" also extends to the political arena, with La Russa telling the St Louis Post-Dispatch that he agrees with SB 1070, the recent piece of Arizona legislation compelling police to investigate immigration status.

“I’m actually a supporter of what Arizona is doing. If the national government doesn’t fix your problem, you’ve got a problem. You’ve got to fix it yourself. That’s just part of the American way.”

The battle lines are drawn. On one side, Adrian Gonzalez, the MLB Players Association and a conglomerate of B-list celebs like the lead singer of Rage Against The Machine [note to younger readers: a music combo, somewhat popular back around the turn of the millennium]. On the other, Tony La Russa and... Well, if you believe opinion polls, a majority of the public who express an opinion. Of course, you could argue to keep politics out of sports, and frankly, I' d agree. However, opponents of the bill had already gone there, targeting the Diamondbacks with a number of protests, albeit largely poorly-attended, at various parks where Arizona were playing.