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NBA Free Agency: Channing Frye Reportedly Mulling Over Five Year, $25 Million Offer From Suns

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Another minute, another long-term contract offer for a role player on the first day of free agency. Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting the Suns have offered Channing Frye a five-year, $25 million contract.

Channing Frye considering Suns 5-year, $25 million offer, and waiting on the likes of Chicago and New York to have resolution on big stars.    

My god, what is with all the five-year mid-level contracts? I thought we all learned how badly these often end up.

Setting that aside, though -- because hell, if Drew Gooden is worth $33 million for five years, Frye is definitely worth $25 million for the same amount of time - here's an even more pressing question: why is Frye waiting around? As we discussed the other day, teams don't get to use a mid-level exception (the value of the contract offer from Phoenix) if they are under the cap at the beginning of free agency. So if Frye is waiting to see if the New York/Chicago superteam comes together, he's going to find that he won't get a contract worth anything close to what he'll get from Phoenix. Perhaps he really cares about winning and will take a pay cut, but it's so unprecedented to leave that much money on the table. 

I guess we'll see, but it's odd all around.

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