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Our Advice: Vote With Your Remote At Daytona

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Every single week, I hear fans say they wish NASCAR broadcasts used the "side-by-side" commercial format that is similar to the one used for the IndyCar Series.

Fans will never be convinced that it's necessary for TV networks to cut away from the race during the green flag.

After all, ESPN's coverage of the World Cup have shown everyone that major sporting events can be broadcast without commercial interruption.

So why not in NASCAR? The answer lies with the TV networks.

If you ask the TV people, they say the advertisers pay big bucks and want the entire screen; they don't want their commercials to be put in one box while the race airs in another.

But once a year at the Daytona race, TNT has its "Wide Open" coverage that's akin to the "side-by-side" IRL broadcasts.

Fans say they love the "Wide Open" format. Unfortunately, though, the ratings haven't been any better for the July Daytona race than any other event.

So what's the incentive for the networks to use a commercial-free format if the ratings don't go up?

NASCAR ratings have been falling for the last five years. But this weekend is a chance to vote with your remote the other way.

If the ratings are significantly higher for this format, maybe the TV networks will see a need to adopt the side-by-side coverage in the future. So if you're a Nielsen family, watch the race.

Otherwise, you can't really complain if the networks want to make money and show all the commercials they want.