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Tre'Von Willis Released From Jail After Posting $18,637 Bail

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Tre'Von Willis was released from jail one day after he was arrested on felony domestic battery by strangulation, felony grand larceny, and misdemeanor coercion for an incident involving his 28 year old girlfriend.  Willis was able to come up with the $18,637 needed to be released on bail.  First off, where does a college student come up with that type of cash besides from his parents?  Just a thought.

More details emerging of what allegedly went down on June 29th:

Skye Sanders told police Willis said he was going out, and she replied she also was going out. Willis then overturned Sanders' purse, dumping its contents while looking for her keys. Sanders laughed at Willis because her keys were not in her purse. That's when Willis got physical with Sanders for the first time during their relationship.

"Willis had his thumbs in the center of her throat with his fingers wrapping around the sides of her neck," the report stated. "Sanders stated that while Willis was choking her, Willis kept saying to her, 'Say you're sorry.' "

Sanders told police she was barely able to say she couldn't breathe while Willis had his hands around her throat.

All this was over Sanders text messaging some friends and not paying attention to her boyfriend Willis.  Looks like there are some trust or jealousy issues going on in that relationship.  Willis is expected to be back at court in one month. UNLV athletic director Jim Livengood and head coach Lon Kruger are not rushing to any judgements, and will wait for the legal process to play itself out.