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Nets Believe They Are Frontrunners In LeBron James Sweepstakes

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LeBron James went through his first series of meetings on Thursday, sitting down with the Nets and Knicks. He'll move on to the Clippers, Heat, Bulls and Cavaliers in the next couple days.

But if you ask the Nets, they believe they made a good enough case to be the frontrunners in the race, as of July 1 of course. ESPN's Chad Ford spoke to a source close to the Nets who backed this up.

The New Jersey Nets were the first team to meet with LeBron James on Thursday morning. Owner Mikhail Prokhorov and part owner Jay-Z led the presentation. After the presentation was done, Jay-Z spent some time one-on-one with 'Bron before the Knicks arrived. 

How did it go? A source close to the Nets said their meeting with LeBron was "tremendous". How tremendous? "Front runner tremendous."     

Ford also reports that the Nets have an arrangement where they'd send away Kris Humphries to clear up room to also sign Chris Bosh if LeBron joins the team. Yowza.