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Player To Be Named Later In Bengie Molina Trade Looks Like Michael Main

According to Baseball America's Jim Callis, the PTBNL in the Bengie Molina is far from being just some nobody.

A baseball source says RHP Michael Main will be the PTBN who goes from Tex to SF in the Bengie Molina trade.

The Giants are apparently picking up the rest of Molina's salary - made necessary because of the Rangers' financial situation - and in return, his price went up to the point at which Texas had to surrender a prospect of actual value.

Neither Lone Star Ball nor SB Nation Dallas are very happy:

Jim Callis is reporting that Michael Main is the player to be named later going to the Giants in the Bengie Molina deal.

Very disappointing, if true.

I just don’t see how you can trade someone with Main’s ceiling for Bengie Molina unless you’re getting absolutely no MLB-caliber production from the catcher spot. Unless the Rangers have completely lost confidence in Main and the difference in handling pitchers between Max Ramirez and Molina is so great it’s worth it.