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Brett Favre Throwing Passes At Hattiesburg High School Again

Brett Favre hasn't yet formally declared his intention to return for the 2010 season but every indication thus far has been that he'll be back.

The latest is that he has recently started throwing passes at the high school near his Hattiesburg, MS home, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Nevil Barr, the coach at Oak Grove, said that Favre was on the field Thursday morning throwing passes to the high school receivers. According to Barr, Favre began making occasional appearances at the high school to throw shortly after he underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left ankle in late May.

"His arm is great like always," Barr told the Star Tribune. "As far as how his ankle is I haven't heard him say anything about it. We don't ask him a whole lot on that."

The speculation on Favre's return date is currently Aug. 16, when the Vikings leave training camp head back to Minneapolis.

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