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Kevin Harvick Jabs At Kyle Busch...And Then Busch Walked In

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During Kevin Harvick's media availability on Thursday, the Sprint Cup Series points leader was asked about Kyle Busch's contention that Dodge has a power advantage over Toyota in the Nationwide Series because of the tapered spacer in the engines.

Harvick could hardly believe what he was hearing.

"I mean, the guy has won like 30 races in the last three years," Harvick said. "He needs to go complain to somebody else in a different series about something else."

As chuckles began filling the media center, Harvick continued.

"Geez-o-pete, if anybody is going to complain, it should be everybody but Kyle Busch about...anything in the Nationwide Series," he said. "I mean if somebody else was complaining about it, it would be – I don't even really know how to answer that. I'm trying not to be mean."

Harvick said that as long as NASCAR put on a good race, he didn't care what kind of restrictor plate officials used for the different manufacturer engines.

"We're going to work with whatever the rules give us," he said. "They take the engines seven, eight, nine times a year, they take them straight out of the cars, put them straight on their dynos and that is where the rules are made."

A few minutes after his comments, Harvick noticed Busch himself had walked into the back of the room for a scheduled interview session.

"Kyle, I want you to come up here and tell us how you've won 30 races or whatever it is on the Nationwide side," Harvick said as a slightly confused Busch walked to the front of the room. "I want you to come up here and talk about how you're at a deficit with this Dodge restrictor plate. You're killing me with it."

Laughter filled the room as Busch sat down on the interview stage and Harvick made a quick exit, yelling out, "They brought it up!"

"I'm sure Harvick is alluding to the fact that I don't think we're very fast in the Nationwide car here this weekend, but we'll be alright," he said.