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USC's McNair Gone From Trojans Staff

Todd McNair, the shiny would-be villain at the center of the NCAA's investigation into USC athletics, had a contract with the university that expired today. That contract is not being renewed, and after six years coaching running backs and coaxing recruits, McNair is in the wind. And that, it appears, is that:

“Todd McNair’s contract expired on June 30, 2010,” Coach Lane Kiffin said. “We have no additional comment.”

SBN's Conquest Chronicles reacts with palpable relief:

I can't say that any of this is incredibly surprising to begin with. Sources indicate that McNair had not been in Heritage Hall since the NCAA sanctions were handed down in early June, and he had not been made available to the media either. Something was clearly in the works.

Granted, whether the evidence the NCAA used is sufficient or not, it's difficult to argue that the link between McNair and Bush did not place the current coaching staff in an awkward position. In turn, it's easy to understand why he was out of the office for most of June, and now out of a job.

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