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Lakers Blog: Phil Jackson Will Get One More Threepeat Before Retiring

Actually, Silver Screen And Roll has 17 whole reasons why Phil Jackson will complete yet another threepeat in his final season with the Lakers. One of which is the simple fact that he might just be the only coach currently working who knows how to do it:

Phil Jackson is really the only coach in the modern era who really knows how to coach a team to three straight championships. Repeating is hard enough; it takes an entirely different mental approach to win the second than it does to win the first. So you can imagine that that is even more true of threepeating. A team looking to win it’s third straight needs to be coached to a different mentality than one looking to win its first, or even its second. And guess what? PJ knows precisely what those coaching needs are. He knows how to develop the necessary mentality. He’s done it three times — in fact, he’s never not done it!

Check out the rest of their reasons at Silver Screen & Roll.