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NBA Free Agency: Raptors Lock Up Amir Johnson For Five Years And $34 Million

Some would say Amir Johnson has recently become one of the NBA’s best kept secrets. Well the secret’s out and the Raptors don’t want anyone else getting in on their good thing. Toronto locked Johnson up with a five-year, $34 million contract Thursday.

Johnson, 23, averaged 6.2 points and 4.8 rebounds while playing all 82 games for the Raptors last season. Bradbury said Johnson considered about four teams before agreeing quickly to return to Toronto on the first day of free agency.

That sounds like a lot of money for a guy who scores six points a game but, given what we’ve seen dolled out so far, it’s par for the course really. That said, RaptorsHQ is glad to see Amir back in a Toronto uniform but has to wonder if $7M/year is just a little too much.

Yes, I’m happy that Amir, an underrated defender, rebounder and shot-blocker is back, but it’s a bit of a hefty price tag for someone who still struggles with foul issues is it not?

In fact, you have to wonder if Bryan Colangelo didn’t back himself into a corner on this one; it sounds like teams such as Golden State were interested, and by paving the way for Chris Bosh to leave, it doesn’t sound like he had much choice really…unless he wanted to kick off the Ed Davis Era.

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