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Report: Bucks About To Re-Sign John Salmons For Five Years, $39 Million

The Milwaukee Bucks took off last season after they traded for John Salmons, so it's no surprise that they wanted to re-sign him. According to David Aldridge, they're closing in on a deal that will pay Salmons $39 million over the next five years.

The Bucks are on the verge of re-signing guard John Salmons, one of the top shooting guards available in free agency -- and thought to be on the move after opting out of his deal last month -- to a five-year, $39 million contract. The deal also includes $5 million in potential bonuses, according to a source, and two league sources say the Bucks have a buyout option for the fifth season.

The deal with Salmons is "real close," a league source said Thursday, but not completely finished.

Salmons will team with newcomers Corey Maggette and Drew Gooden, along with Brandon Jennings, Andrew Bogut and others, as they look to build on last year's 46-win season. They were a lights-out team with Salmons last year, and Maggette and Gooden are upgrades for sure.

However, they're also taking on a lot of long-term salary with these moves (Salmons, Gooden and Maggette combine to make a bit more than $24 million per season for the next three years), and for a small-market team, that can be very risky. You have to wonder if there were cheaper ways to upgrade the roster.

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