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Justine Henin Will Miss U.S. Open With Elbow Injury

A partial tear in Justine Henin's right elbow will force her out of next month's U.S. Open and will keep her off of the tour for two months.  The injury was suffered during a spill she took in the first set of her fourth round loss to Kim Clijsters at Wimbledon.

Henin addressed the injury in a letter to the fans on her official website on Thursday:

Dear all,

Following my fall at Wimbledon tournament in 8th final, I took several medical examinations that have reveelaed a ligament partial fracture at the right elbow.  Therefore, I regret to announce to you that I can't unfortunately play in Best of Belgium this July 8th.  I'll be nevertheless present for this wonderful Belgian event which is important for me.

This injury will keep me away from the courts during a rough period of 2 months with the consequence the withdrawl of my US round included US Open.

In 4 weeks, I'll take complementary medical examinations that will give me certainty about the end of this season.

I really thank you for your understanding and your support.