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Live-Blogging NASCAR's Summer Trip To Daytona

The track surface that has seen so many legendary moments – and some tragic ones, as well – gives the NASCAR Sprint Cup cars one final ride on Saturday night at Daytona.

Following the race, crews will tear up the pavement and resurface it in time for the Daytona 500 next year. The infamous pothole in this year's 500 was the catalyst for the change.

Drivers say after the track is resurfaced, it will lose its character – the huge bumps, the unpredictability – and become more like Talladega, where the smooth asphalt takes the race out of the drivers' hands in some ways.

WIll the old surface put on one final show under the lights on Saturday?

Check back here for news, updates, analysis and a live race-night chat about all things Daytona.