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Diamondbacks Fire Manager A.J. Hinch And GM Josh Byrnes

Every team in the N.L. West is still well within range of the division lead except for the Arizona Diamondbacks.  At 31-48, they're tied for the 2nd worst record in the National League and as can happen in these situations, they're now lacking a coach and a general manager.  The Diamondbacks fired manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Josh Byrnes on Thursday.  A formal announcement will come on Friday.  SBNation Arizona understands why the move had to be made but questions whether or not Hinch is taking the fall for someone else.

The team was off to a dreadful 31-48 start, but it's hard to pin the blame on one man when you look at the total picture: miserable bullpen meltdowns and a lack of accountability for the offensive production of Justin Upton and Mark Reynolds.

This move may not come back to haunt the Diamondbacks, but Hinch is a good guy and he will no longer be of any value to this organization. I think the problem is a little further up the chain of command, personally.

Hinch's record with the Diamondbacks ends at 89-123 (.420) while Byrnes has been with the organization since 2005.

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