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NASCAR Twitter Call

  This weeks race is in Chicago for a night race. Jamie McMurray captured his third pole of the season, with Jimmie Johnson rounding out the front row. Following last nights Nationwide race, in which a late race caution for debris was called Denny Hamlin had this to say

dennyhamlin Truthfully I don't think It matters to the fans who wins the race as long as its a good "show". Even if it comes at the expense of competition.

dennyhamlin  I'm listening to your comments.. Ok if ur fav driver is out of contention and leader is on his way to winning with 10 to go. Would u like to see nascar tighten it up or let the best car win? Please reply.

Mc_Driver  This is my wife Jami she is what people would say " out of my league"

jpmontoya  watching tv. Is always a long day when we race at night.

jjyeley1  well that sucked! we were just to loose on throttle to give it enough gas. we just lost our base line on the car in 2nd practice.

landoncassill Well, it sucks to start and park both cars this weekend, but its great to be in that cup car and to work with TRG motorsports and @rabracing

kaseykahne  Start 12th tomorrow night. Car seemed pretty decent today. Should be a good night

scottspeed  wish i knew why we are so slow, we were so good here last year and just can't get it going this weekend, wish me luck ;)

Good Luck to all the drivers and enjoy the race.

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