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Sign-And-Trade Deal Between Heat And Cavs Officially Puts LeBron James In Miami

We knew LeBron James was headed to Miami, of course, but we weren't certain about the specifics until Saturday. As it happens, the Cavaliers and Heat have agreed on a sign-and-trade arrangement that will send a boatload of draft picks to Cleveland. Our Cavs blog, Fear The Sword, has the details:


  • LeBron James, who signs a 6-year, $110 million contract


  • Two first-round picks, that must be used starting in 2013 and ending by 2017
  • 2012 second-round pick Miami received from New Orleans
  • Future second-round pick Heat acquired from Oklahoma City
  • Cleveland can also swap first round picks with the Heat in 2012
  • A large trade exception($15 million or so) that the Cavs must use in trades for one calendar year.

This means that the Heat will not have a single draft pick for the next nine million years. On the other hand, though, LeBron James. For more on what this exchange of draft picks will mean for both teams, head on over to Fear the Sword as well as our Heat blog, Peninsula Is Mightier.