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World Cup 2010, Germany Vs. Uruguay: Fernando Muslera Mistake Gifts Marcell Jansen, Germany Equalizing Goal

Jerome Boateng's cross from the right flank to the far post was only five yards off the goal line, service that should have been manageable for Uruguayan goalkeeper Fernando Muslera.  The `keeper, however, was late off his line, collided with right back Jorge Fucile, and gave left wing Marcell Jansen an easy, equalizing goal.

Jansen, making his first start of the tournament, was ready to challenge for the cross, having made his far post run.  His challenge was simplified when Muslera came off his line and collided with Fucile.  As both Uruguayans fell to the ground, the cross came to Jansen's head, who easily redirected the ball into an unprotected net.

Now in the 61st minute, the match is tied, 2-2.